0.1.14 - 2016-08-01

0.1.13 - 2016-07-21

  • Remove deprecated ticket handler from docs [leo]
  • Add 'links' field documentation for payment request [leo]

0.1.12 - 2015-08-27

  • Simplify POS integration: Add ability to pass a shortlink ID/serial number as the "customer" to POST /payment_request/ [al]
  • Simplify webshop integration: Added possibility to post a "customer-less" payment request that gives back an uri to mCASH checkout portal [al]

0.1.11 - 2015-06-28

  • Clarify that ledger is optional in POST /payment_request/ [dagss]
  • Remove use of ledgers together with permission requests, this feature has never been used by anyone [dagss]

0.1.10 - 2014-11-26

  • Add merchant_id and settlement_id columns to ledger reports and settlement CSV files [dagss]
  • Correct a mistake in amounts in examples from settlement and ledger report endpoints [dagss]

0.1.9 - 2014-03-21

0.1.8 - 2014-03-21

  • Make receipts support partial payments and different payment types [jk]

0.1.7 - 2014-02-19

  • Updated text on action and type in CSV columns, for consistency. [ao]

0.1.6 - 2014-02-13

  • Added section "A resilient payment system" [dagss]
  • Clarified scopes and OAuth api documentation [ch]

0.1.5 - 2014-02-11

  • Changed barcode to code in PUT /payment_request/<tid>/ticket/. [dagss]

0.1.4 - 2014-02-04

0.1.3 - 2014-01-27

  • Added section What about mobile browsers? [ch]
  • Added fee for each partial capture in csv lines for Merchant ledger and settlement. [ao]
  • Added payment_abort_count to ReportForm, forgotton in last update [ao]

0.1.2 - 2014-01-06

  • Added payment_request_count, payment_auth_count, payment_expire_count, payment_capture_count, payment_release_count, payment_fail_count, permission_request_count, permission_answered_count, and permission_fail_count to ReportForm. [dagss, ao]
  • Added documentation of the callback related to permission requests. [os]
  • Added documentation for downloadable CSV logs, format is now frozen. [dagss]
  • Add transaction_log_uris and scope_log_uris in in GET /settlement/<settlement_id>/. [dagss]
  • Deprecate settlement_uri in GET /ledger/<ledger_id>/report/<report_id>/. [dagss]
  • Deprecate GET /settlement/<settlement_id>/reports/. [dagss]
  • Deprecate scope_fee and transaction_fee in settlement_summary in GET /settlement/<settlement_id>/. [os]
  • Added taxcode field to settlement_summary in GET /settlement/<settlement_id>/. [os]
  • Added fees field to settlement_summary in GET /settlement/<settlement_id>/. [os]
  • Added complex type FeeForm with fields type and amount. [os]
  • Added text field to POST /permission_request/. [os]
  • More thorough explanation of callbacks, with descriptions of events and supported protocols in Callbacks. Correspondingly shortened the text about callbacks in Introduction. [esb]
  • Corrected some typos in mime-type section in Introduction. [esb]
  • Made attachment_uri in outcome optional, as not all outcomes will enable attachment upload. [ht]
  • Added amount, additional_amount, currency, and capture_id fields to PUT /payment_request/<tid>/, for partial capture. [ao]
  • Added auth_amount, auth_additional_amount, and captures fields to GET /payment_request/<tid>/outcome/. [ao]
  • Updated Ledger reports and Settlement transaction logs examples with partial capture. [ao]
  • Added release and RELEASE as possible action on PUT /payment_request/<tid>/ as alias for abort, for release after partial captures. [ao]
  • Updated statment about idempotent CAPTURE on PUT /payment_request/<tid>/ to cover partial capture. [ao]
  • Added validation for capture_id, required to match the regular expression r'[a-zA-Z0-9-_.]+'. [ao]

0.1.1 - 2013-11-04

  • Removed timestamp field from pos creation input schema as it was no longer needed after introducing the X-Mcash-Timestamp header [esb]
  • Added new endpoint GET /settlement/<settlement_id>/reports/ [dagss]
  • Added report_uri and ledger to GET /payment_request/<tid>/outcome/ [dagss]
  • Fixed error that occurred while changing doc format, where settlement summary inadvertently became a single summary instead of a list of summaries. [ht]
  • Removed id field from POST /permission_request/. [os]
  • Added status and status_code fields to GET /payment_request/<tid>/outcome/. [os]
  • Added new sections to introduction and edited language: Response Status Codes, Media Type, A Note on Merchant API Users, Versioning [ch]
  • Make access_token field optional in GET /payment_request/<tid>/outcome/. [os]
  • Added separate section with improved documentation for attachments. Removed attachment from API Reference section. [esb]

0.1 - 2013-10-14

Initial version