A settlement is when mCASH settles transactions and fees with the merchant (transfers out money and bills for services). This usually happens every week day. The details of which transactions and fees are included in each settlement depends on the specific agreement mCASH has with the merchant, and there is no direct link between a settlement and ledgers except for transaction IDs and permission request IDs being the same.

While there is no direct relation between settlement and ledger reports, the downloadable CSV files have the same format.

The settlement endpoint provides for access to per-transaction and per-permission request logs, as well as summary information and information about money paid out.


An example result from the settlement endpoint could look like this:

    "id": "23",
    "date_created": "2013-10-09 08:00:02",
    "settlement_summary": [
            "taxcode": "NO:2013",
            "currency": "NOK",
            "gross": "12000.00",
            "settlement_fee": "15.00",
            "fees" : [
                {"type": "settlement_fee", "amount": "15.00"},
                {"type": "settlement_fee_vat", "amount": "0.00"},
                {"type": "transaction_fee", "amount": "120.00"},
                {"type": "interchange", "amount": "150.00"},
                {"type": "scope_fee", "amount": "32.00"},
                {"type": "scope_fee_vat", "amount": "8.00"}
            "net": "11675.00"
    "payout_details": [
            "currency": "NOK",
            "unsettled_fees_before": "0.00",
            "unsettled_fees_after": "0.00",
            "payout": "11675.00",
            "billed": "0.00",
            "invoice_id": null,
            "net": "11675.00",
            "gross": "12000.00"
    "transaction_log_uris": [
    "scope_log_uris": [

The fees list may not contain an entry if its value is 0.00. The current fees are transaction_fee, interchange and scope_fee, and scope_fee_vat, though this list may grow with time.

Note that settlement_summary is a list. This is because if the settlement spans transactions over several currencies or jurisdictions, there will be a separate summary for each relevant combination of currency and taxcode. This feature will be described in further detail when mCASH launches support for multiple currencies.

In addition to what shown above, transaction_fee and scope_fee properties will also be returned, but are deprecated and only present for backwards compatibility reasons.

Detailed logs

The logs offered for download in transaction_log_uris and scope_log_uris have the same basic format as the logs described in the Ledgers section. However, only lines that affect the settlement are included, that is, lines with non-zero gross and/or fee.

An example settlement transaction log would be:

p54daadrsdj4,,2013-09-10 13:00:07,capture,credit,token:F_+z/3,NOK,200.00,0.00,200.00,1.80,0.50,0.00,NO:2013,197.70,acme,4xrf2z-2014-11-27-342,,
p8a7sdyfax4d,mycapt1,2013-09-10 13:04:04,capture,credit,token:goBlo8,NOK,50.00,10.00,60.00,1.80,0.60,0.00,NO:2013,57.60,acme,4xrf2z-2014-11-27-342,,
p8a7sdyfax4d,mycapt2,2013-09-10 13:20:37,capture,credit,token:goBlo8,NOK,50.00,0.00,50.00,1.80,0.50,0.00,NO:2013,47.70,acme,4xrf2z-2014-11-27-342,,

While a settlement scope (permission request) log would be:

as23rswas5sd,2013-09-10 13:00:10,ok,token:F_+z/3,NOK,1.80,0.50,NO:2013,acme,4xrf2z-2014-11-27-342,,,
a6495av89wcv,2013-08-10 23:45:10,fail,token:Q/3+Ys,NOK,1.00,0.25,NO:2013,acme,4xrf2z-2014-11-27-342,,,

VAT rules

Every transaction or permission request has an associated mCASH-specific taxcode, which is a tag to specify the tax laws that apply to the transaction or permission request.


We change the tax code whenever the rules actually change. While NO:2013 reflect the law of Norway in 2013, we will keep that code until such a time that the tax rate is changed, not change it every year.

The current table of tax codes is:

taxcode VAT on permission request fees VAT on transaction fees
NO:2013 25% 0%